Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday Comfort

Sweater: Belks $14.99
Dress: given to me by my sister
Necklace: c/o Charisma Boutique (for helping clean up after the hurricane)
Handbag: Burkes Outlet $19.99
Bracelet: Burkes Outlet $4
Watch: gift from my boyfriend
I know it is not Monday quite yet but I will not have time to post tomorrow. Tomorrow it is back to classes for me. :/ ugh. Only 6 more classes (20 more lecture hours) 1 ATI proctored test, 2 regular test, 1 final and 2 clinical days left until I FINALLY graduate nursing school. But who's counting. Today I have been in sofie shorts and a tank studying on the back porch since it was nice out. I worked 20 hours at the store this weekend and had to study some. I have to say I procrastinated over break and did not study as much as I should have over my Liver disease, life threatening dysrhythmia, and pediatric cardiovascular information. So look like I will be pulling all nighter's tonight and tomorrow night for my test Tuesday morning. I think it is silly to have a test the day after you come back from a so called "break" don't you? Unlike so people my break consisted of studying a little, clinical paperwork, application submissions, and work. But I am almost done and will soon be Jessica H RN. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend with great weather like we did. xoxo


  1. Lovely outfit! Have a lovely monday :)



  2. Love this post!