Friday, May 4, 2012

Work During the Day and Party at Night

Skirt: Charisma Boutique $32
Top: hand-me-down from my bestie
Belt: Its Fashion $2
Necklace: Burkes Outlet $4
Bracelet: Burkes Outlet $3
Watch: gift from my boyfriend
I am working to at Charisma Boutique and then after work my friend is having a Graduation party. She graduates from ECU today! I cannot wait to get off work to get there. They are having a cook out with a pig and plenty of beer. :) My kind of NC party! lol Last night I had to go to a fashion show for Charisma Boutique with my lovely co-workers. It kind of felt like my graduation from Charisma. I am on a job hunt and have applied at 4 local medical places and have yet to hear anything back. After graduation next Friday I have to sign up to take my NCLEX (Registered Nursing Boards) to finally be Jessica RN. So I will probably be taking them around the 2nd week in June. I cannot wait till graduation but I am sad to be looking for a big girl job and have to leave the store. I love working in Fashion and hopefully one day I can open my own store and work as a nurse part time. I love helping people and love my patients but I do have a passion for fashion. Hope you all have a lovely weekend as i plan on having a fun filled night and studying for my last nursing exam that is Tuesday morning. Wish me luck ladies! xoxo


  1. I am telling you girl You look fantastic :)


  2. super cute outfit- love the skirt!

  3. You have a great best friend.... I wouldn't of given up that top. Love it!