Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corey Urbina & Style Matters

I first met Mrs. Urbina on a  website that I also use called Lookville.com. It gives people the opportunity to post there everyday outfits and get feedback. Sometime positive sometimes negative. She has a fashion blog which I love also called Style Matters .

Here is a little about her life, blog, and fashion history:

I am the owner of Style Matters, an image consulting and personal stylist business serving the Washington, DC and Greenville, SC areas. I work with women to help them create a powerful personal image that is in keeping with their budget and matches their personality, lifestyle, goals and body type. My mission is to support my clients' efforts to have fun with fashion and enjoy how they look each and every day. I am also the fashion trends and style writer for the Greenville, SC Examiner.com. I hold a A.B. degree in English from Indiana University and a M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Development from George Washington University. My combination of training and experience makes me ideally suited for helping people look and feel their best. I spent fifteen years in the social work field, managing community based mental health programs for women, children, youth and families. I also presented career development workshops and provided style advice to women seeking employment. Since 2007, I have been totally immersed in the world of fashion, and have honed my skills in retail sales at Nordstrom and Catch Can, a popular Washington, DC boutique.

I was honored for her to ask for 2 pictures of myself from my blog to be used in her article Dresses are the latest style sensation featured on examiner.com for Greenville, SC. If you click on the bottom picture on the left hand side bar it is a slide show in which you can see pictures she used. The dresses pictures that I am wearing are from the Boutique I work at Charisma Boutique. I have been working there since last May and have since took over management of their Facebook page which is a job in itself. I do all the pictures, mannequins outfits, our front window, and most of the store decor. I have also be asked to help with the buying now! YAY. Shout out to my boss Jennie Jones for offering such a wonderful position, job opportunity, and everything else she has given me the chance to do! She is my role model and I would love to own a store or go in with her to expand one day.

Thank you Mrs. Corey for featuring me in your article. I help your career keeps growing and know that you will do tons with your fashion sense!


  1. OMG! That is incredible! Corey is so sweet and I love her! What an honor!! Hurray! So excited for you, sweet girl!

  2. What a wonderful suprise to read about me! I am honored to be on your blog, and very touched by your kind words. When I started doing my research for the article, one of the comments that you made on Lookville stuck in my head. You said that southern women really liked to wear dresses. This idea inspired me to put pen to paper. Thanks for that spark, and for all of the dresses that you have modeled on Lookville.